7 Fall Garden Tips to Increase Your Yield Next Spring

As your fall garden starts to wind down and stop producing veggies, it’s time to prepare for the winter ahead, and set yourself up for a successful spring garden. Gardening in the fall is a great time to look at this year’s successes and failures, as well as working through a fall garden checklist. Working […]

Too Many Zhuccini? How to Preserve Your Zhuccini Harvest Fast

Zucchini is one of those plants that tend to overrun you with the harvest. One minute, it looks as if you might not have a harvest at all and you’re agonizing over having to purchase zucchini at the farmer’s market. The next minute, you find zucchinis everywhere, hiding under leaves. Each day, there is a […]

Top 15 Perennial Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

About Growing Perennial Vegetables Perennial vegetables are a lesser known why to create a diverse garden that requires less work from you. Every vegetable gardener has a similar goal – grow more food with less work. Using perennial vegetables to your advantage is as close to zero-work gardening as you can get. You plant them […]

What Is Succession Planting and How to Do It

Spring arrives, and you happily plant five rows of lettuce. Within weeks, you have lettuce coming out of your ears. The kids are begging you to stop making salads for each meal – lettuce can be for breakfast too! Then, three weeks later, you have no one leaf left in your garden bed. It’s a […]